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TLC Lab Members

Vrinda Kalia (PI) is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at MU. She has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Clark University. She can frequently be found in the Psychology Building at MU exercising her two passions - teaching and doing research in psychology. 

Graduate Students 

Katherine (Katie) Knauft

Senior Graduate Student

Katie is in her 5th year in the graduate program. She is doing her dissertation work on the impact of stress on cognitive flexibility.

Recent work by Katie:

Knauft et al., 2021: Perceived Chronic Stress Influences the Effect of Acute Stress on Cognitive Flexibility


Niki Hayatbini

Graduate Student; Lab Manager

Niki is a 3rd year graduate student. She is interested in examining cognitive and emotional correlates of orthorexia nervosa. 

Recent work by Niki:

Hayatbini et al., 2021: Cognitive Reappraisal Moderates the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Cognitive Flexibility


Cole Holt

Graduate Student

Cole is an incoming 1st year graduate student. He is interested studying grit and it's neural correlates in accomplishing goal directed behavior. 

UnDerGraduate Students 

Ian Dennis

Honors Student

Ian is a junior psychology major. He is interested in studying threat perception in adults who have experienced early life adversity. Ian is working on his honors project on threat perception.


Benjamin Schwarz


Benjamin is a junior economics major and a premed student. Benjamin will be studying threat perception in the lab.


Noelle Geisler


Noelle is a senior psychology major. She is interested in studying stress in older adults.


Rylie Turner


Rylie is a psychology major with a neuroscience co-major. She is interested in studying stress and it's effects on cognitive functions in the brain.


Gabriella Addae


Gabriella is a sophomore psychology major. She is interested in the relationship between cognition and motivation.


Jasmine Craine


Jasmine is a senior psychology major. Jasmine is studying stress and behavioral outcomes in the lab.


Emily Janssen


Emily is a senior and a psychology and strategic communications major. Emily is studying stress and behavioral outcomes in the lab.

Our collaborators are key to our success.

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